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MCL Zip Fasteners


MCL zip fastener is a premium, strong and durable LFC zip fastener for stitching premium trousers which is available in more than 60 shades.
The woven tape is made of superior polyester which adds strength & flexibility to the zip. As a result, the zip fits better in the trouser, takes the shape of the trouser & does not bulge awkwardly.
MCL zip survives 15000 cycles on a reciprocator test and with no gaps between teeth, MCL zip is the most durable zip in India with highest foldover strength.


Features & Benefits

Woven Tape
Superior stability and durability of the garment

Brass top and bottom stops
High top stop and bottom stop strength. Rust free even on multiple wash

Long puller
Better grip and comfort

Optimum running load (150 – 250 gms)
Smooth running of the slider


End use
Sewing Trims & Zips

8 Inches

Pack Size
100 Pieces / 60 Pieces