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Anchor Film
Anchor: Inspiring creativity across generations

Anchor DIY Lantern
Make and decorate your home with this quaint #DIY lantern made with #Anchor threads

Anchor DIY Tassel Earrings
Make these easy-to-make #DIYTassel Earrings from #Anchor threads and set the trend! What’s even more fun is that you can mix and match many thread colours of your choice, add beads to the braided part, and do anything your creative mind can think off to make the earrings pop more!

Anchor Summer Fashion
Anchor in Collaboration with India Yarn Circle presents Summer fashion!!
Clothing brings out a sense of style .. making our own clothes is a reflection of your style, skill and confidence ! This endeavor is a tribute to all the designers in the community for bringing the best in every make, enduring spirit of designing for self satisfaction, continuing to be spirited about yarn crafts. And yes we can make every place a ramp and every dress / accessory our own style statement !

Anchor Design Awards
Anchor conducted Design Awards to Inspire and encourage young, budding designers to work with karigars/artisans and to preserve our rich heritage , recognize and reward the talent and designing skills of students.