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MCL Pre Cut Rolls


MCL Placket rolls: Intricately made to give a premium look and feel to the shirt, all MCL placket rolls are made from ring spun yarn. One can also choose a bias cut placket which would ensure zero wash shrinkage.

MCL Belt rolls: Made to give the right support and perfect fit for a smooth wrinkle free flow of trousers, our belt fabric smoothly adapts to any body type to ensure minimal discomfort.

MCL Cuff Rolls: Coats provides just the right fabric stiffness, which gives a stunningly smooth cuff.


Features & Benefits

Uniform coating from imported Caratsch coating machine
Uniform fusing preventing bubble formation and imparting high bond strength (1.6 – 1.9 Kgs) leading to longer life of the garment

Pre-cut roll fabric is pre-shrunk
Elimination of shrinkage on wash preventing bubble formation and leading to longer garment life

Fabric is slit into roll form in an imported Italian machine
Uniform width and precise cut across the length leading to consistent shape to garment

Wide range of precut rolls with multiple choice of width, length and finish
Fulfills customized belt, placket and cuff needs




Sewing Trims & Zips

Pack Size
20 Metre/ 50 Metre

25 mm – 76 mm

1000/ 7777/ 1616/ 2525

Cotton/ Polyester Cotton